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Bright Future Cornerstone provides collaborative and adaptative learning for success in the area of Leadership, ICT, Entrepreneurship to children and young people, to fully explore and exploit their potential to contribute to their personal development and their communities for a better way of living.

Our aims are to :

1. Bring a basic Information Technology based training to contribute to the socio-economic development of the community,

2. Enable children and young people to identify their talents and skills at early age in order to make it available in income generation activities to up grade the living standard of the people

3. Meet and discuss as well as sharing skills on leadership,ICT,entrepreneurship and life skills for development to enhance self employment at early age,

4. Promote a culture of peer to peer knowledge sharing and volunteerism activities engagement to facilitate knowledge economy in developing communities,

Typically to achieve these, we created four programs that we deliver in form of interactive and collaborative learning workshops:

quickCONNECt (qCONNECt); engages children and young people to use ICT for good as well as acting together for social innovation sharpening their mind to become successful in life as well as connecting to high achiever as success mentors

easyVENTURE (eVENTURE); Enabling children and Young people to learn early in life how they can initiate life changing initiatives through social innovation for self employment. it focus on students of secondary schools.

youthEXPLORE(yEXPLORE) ;to engage young people explore global opportunities to start smart in income generation activities to up grade their living standard

it mostly focus on university students in final years

quickINVOLVE (qINVOLVE), to inspire adult professionals get involved in sharing their skills for socio economic transformation of children and young people as well as to communities in need of life changing skills to overcome poverty

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