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Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well! First of all let me take this opportunity to wish you a Happy new year of happiness and prosperity!

On 5th January 2013, the Bright Future Cornerstone team visited vulnerable children. These children live in Kimironko sector in Kigali. Before they were street children and then a young man called Egide decided to organize them and live with them in a house in Kimironko. He then decided to help them acquiring different skills and help them to return at school so that they can build their future as other children.

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We came wit two sacs of maize flour and potatoes
In tihis photo, children were receiving two sacs of Maize maize flour and potatoes.

The intention of Bright Future Cornerstone was to visit these children and celebrate with them a Happy new year as they are all rights to celebrate as other Rwandan children. Bright Future Cornerstone also gave these these children a sack of maize flour and another of potatoes to help them for some days.

Arriving there, we had a very nice day! These children were very happy and you could realize it from their bright faces. " What we value more is not these sacks of food, your passion to visit us means a lot!"
Different Bright Future Cornerstone members and their friends addressed to these children thanking them for their commitment to shape their future. They advised them to be heroes so that other children learn from them.

Mr. Egide spoke on behalf of children and thanked Bright Future Cornerstone for their love upon these children. He ensured that these children will do all their best to be successful people.
Each child also took the floor and explained his gratitude.
After speeches, these children played a very nice sketch which showed how they are talented! It was so wonderful!

After visiting vulnerable children, we were privileged to have guests Mr. Andrew Nixseaman and Mrs Frances Nixseaman. These special guests shared with us about CAREER WITH IMPACT. This course was so interesting and all participants were so excited!

After that course, it was now a special moment where participants who completed successfully Y Essentials courses graduated and received their certificates. it was so wonderful!

After the ceremonies, the staff members of Bright Future Cornerstone had a short meeting with Andrew and Frances Nixseaman. We shared different ideas and ensured a continuous collaboration.
The day was so wonderful, I mean Rwandaful!
Happy new year once again! Now in 2013, a focus on consistency and stability!

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