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Many people who are in need of a job would most likely find it if they strategically apply for it and market themselves either online or in interviews.
In search for what it is, they would try to look for it during some months before they graduate or find their contracts end.
Understanding Self-Marketing
Marketing yourself effectively to employers is a vital element of any job search strategy. What techniques do you utilize for self-marketing?
There are three skills that are essential to a successful self-marketing campaign:

- Networking : important will only get you into the circle of people that can help you. Once you’re in the circle, you’ll need to be comfortable with approaching people and cultivating professional relationships. Everyone you meet represents a business opportunity so it’s important to expand the scope of people you come in contact with.
- Presentation : Whether you’re speaking to one person or a thousand, you need to be able to persuade people to see your viewpoint. Ensure that your strengths come across in everyday interactions. Every meeting, phone call, email, and resume or portfolio sends a message of who you are and what you are about. A blog for example, shows initiative, writing skills
-  Motivation : The job seekers who get hired and the employees who get promoted are the ones with drive and passion and who demonstrate this enthusiasm through their words and actions.

How to Sell Yourself in a Job Interview
Preparation is key when you’re ready to sell yourself during a job interview. In order to sell yourself (that is, your skills and experience) to the interviewer, thoroughly research the company and job position. In addition, you need to be prepared to answer questions that the interviewer is likely to ask you.
Follow these tips :

Focus on skills and other factors that make you immediately productive. Employers don’t want to wait for six months before you deliver benefits to them.

Present a fitting image for the part you seek.

Likeability is vital. Act confident and friendly with good eye contact, a strong handshake, and a lot of smiles.

Memorize a 20-30 second branding brief. Your branding brief should tell your story very quickly.

Master a one-to-two-minute "commercial" about yourself. Almost certainly you will be asked to respond to some version of the “Tell me about yourself” question. Memorize a short description of your background (education, experience, and skills) that matches your strengths to the job.

Avoid bringing up negatives. Don’t trash your boss.

Develop a storytelling knack. Prepare short little true stories (example) that support your claims of relevant skills and accomplishments.

Ask about the next step. Don’t leave without asking when a decision will be made and whether you can call back to check progress on the decision.

When You’re Not Offered the Job

Disappointed job seekers often ask interviewers for the reasons they weren’t selected and for tips on how to do better in the future.
Don’t waste your time looking for feedback on a failed job interview. You almost never will be given the real reason. Employers have no legal or ethical obligation to explain why you weren’t the one. Instead, they’re likely to offer these kinds of innocuous rationales: “We didn’t feel you were the best fit for this job” or “We chose another candidate who had more experience” or “Company policy won’t allow me to comment.”

Here are some of the reasons :

Discomfort factor: Managers dislike giving negative feedback.

Fast-paced world: There’s no profit in wasting prime hours on a dead end.

Legal exposure: Companies are extremely wary of lawsuits accusing them of discrimination.

The less said, the less to be sued about.
Most of the jobs today are offered and some operated through the use of the internet. Some of these jobs are based on online business, online marketing, affiliate marketing, website designing, and graphic designing others use internet for recruitment purpose. In order to get the top position, you need to use effective online self marketing strategies in form of e portofolio.

Self-marketing with online marketing strategies may including building an e-portfolio or website that has information on your background
It would be an advantage for you if you will further develop your skills. You can use these skills when you market yourself. Building e-portfolio(websites with forums, blogs, or article publishing) putting your attractive resume, big companies will surely notice your proficiency and competence.

Since you are looking for a job, you should be specific of what particular job you need when you post your profile or when a company interviews you. You should also give emphasis on your time availability since some time might be willing to get a part time job.

Create an impression that will make the employers to know you by giving profound facts about the skills you want to utilize for the job. There are lots of companies out there who view public portfolios of candidates. It may take you extra effort to post your profiles on some forums, job boards, and other sites. You can also email your resumes to some direct marketing companies as part of your online marketing strategies.

There are lots of companies that are willing to pay people for the services they provided. This is actually a practical way that will improve your skills and enhance your portfolios for online job opportunities.
Nothing can hold you back whenever you want to achieve a goal
Create a plan that works for your job hunting efforts; never underestimate the use of networking and discussing issues with prospective employers.

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