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Empowering Women for Creativity

Bright Future Cornerstone participated in the celebration of the International women’s day through an event called E-CWIPD (Empowering Creative Women Initiatives and Programs for Development) inspired and supported by JUMP, the 1st European forum for active women.

The program took place from 4th March 2013 to 8th March 2013 with a support of the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion, the National Women Council and The Rwanda Development Board.

For the whole program Bright Future Cornerstone was in charge of coordinating trainings either for working on themes of conference, topics of workshops and inviting guest speakers.

Day1- 4th March 2013: . Launching and Official opening of the Girls and Women Empowerment Week.

All started with the remembrance of late Honorable Aloisie INYUMBA who was the Minister of Gender and Family Promotion who passed away few months ago.

Chance Tubane, then opened the conference by sharing the message of the Jump Forum Initiator in Belgium who emphasized on the importance of women forums to raise up their confidence to take part in the development of their countries.

Digital Opportunity Trust, lead a conference on Women Embracing Technology for Development.

This was a start of a wonderful journey in the week to explore the creative initiatives of women.

Day 2 - 5th March 2013: Visits to women’s cooperatives in Kigali

Bright Future Cornerstone together through E-CWIPD team visited two women cooperatives in Kigali. The aim of the visits were to encourage women activities , hear success stories , challenges faced and provide them positive feedback on how they can expand their business.

Day 3 - 6th March 2013 - Open day at AKILAH Institute

Bright Future Cornerstone through E-CWIPD visited a Women Empowering Institute called AKILAH. The aim of the visit was for Akilah to share success stories and personal achievements of their Students and empower these ladies through knowledge and different sessions.Bright Future Cornerstone has invited Frances NIXMAN who initiated a discussion around the theme "Creativity! Inside Potential within Women and How to make it Profitable" and Clarisse IRIBAGIZA a Young entrepreneur on the theme "Women Entrepreneurs & Business Innovation”

Day 4—7th March 2013, Sports and wellness activities

Bright Future Cornerstone through E-CWIPD participated in sport activities. The sport and wellness day was held at “Cercle Sportif Kigali” where we enjoyed different games and wellness activities together with the team of Cricket without Boundaries spreading the message of running AIDS out of Rwanda. The aim of this activity was to sensitize to girls and women the importance of sport for health and that they can and are able to practice sports.

Day5. Girls and women Career Day

Bright Future Cornerstone through E-CWIPD participated in Girls and women Career Day at Kimisagara Youth Center.

There, we had a presentation of Bright future cornerstone addressing the topic of Career with Impact presented by Frances Nixeseaman and Keys to start small businesses presented by Louise NYAMBO.

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