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Promoting Essentials for Gender Equality

IKAZE Agency through a partnership with the Ministry of Family and Gender promotion in Rwanda came up with an idea of engaging students to promote the culture of gender equality among youth and organized a competition of a girl who will act as a role model to make this happen, the Miss Gender University.

To make this event be a reality, 15 girls were selected from different universities and higher Institutions to contest on Miss Gender University.

Bright Future Cornerstones has been invited to inspire the contestants on how they can act together for progress and compassion.

Practically , a team of Bright Future Cornerstone members such as Murekatete Rosine, Musafiri Olivier, Musangwa Shema Olivier, Rukundo Sebasore Eric, along with Louise Nyambo and Uwamahoro Gloriose meet these beautiful and role model girls on Friday 22nd March 2013, to inspire them and trained on

- Success Management Essentials
- Project Management Essentials
- Experiential Entrepreneurship Essentials

The training was so interactive and inspiring so that the participants expressed their willingness to be part of the people who may share this knowledge to the youth.

In all competitions, only one is the winner ,

this happened on 23rd March 2013, where Ingabire Jacqueline won it , and she will be supported by Business Development Fund to start a business of 5000 000 Rwfs

When Ingabire was asked on how she can handle the challenge faced by youth to overcome unemployment ,

she suggested that they can join Business Development Fund that offer a collateral of 75 percent to youth , she added that opportunities are around them especially if they fill confident to start to think that that they can create jobs too.

When she was asked on what she can suggest to avoid unwanted pregnancies among youth , she said that sexual education is advisable from the early age and basic education.

This event was honored by Nsanzabaganwa Monique , the Vice Governor of the National Bank of Rwanda, who said that

It is time for student to take lead of the change that the country need, empowering women is investing in the future of the country.

it’s time

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the following also supported the success of the event:

Rwanda Ministry of Youth and ICT



Bright Future Cornerstone

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