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Bright Future Cornerstone hosted a very young man, that we trained in yESSENTIALS Program some months ago, after the training he started an initiative to train young people.

Bugingo managed to train in the past six months thirty people in the DIGITAL IMAGING ESSENTIALS, and 6 of them managed to buy their own laptops to also train others.

It is great achievement to see them growing by making employable and profitable the skills transferred to them to improve their way of living.

This young man later opened an studio for video and computer repair , he has two places.

With that skill he also combine this with social responsibility initiatives where for example he made a short film to fight against drug consumption in youth, then promote the culture of reading for excellence.

Endless possibilities are offered to youth to turn challenges unto opportunities.This is always made through experience and knowledge share oriented to improve lives of others.

They said that, all was due to the idea given to them through the module of Digital Imaging Essentials

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