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All started in February 2012 ,whereby 30 people got an opportunity to be trained with trainers from Canada,Uganda and others in Rwanda.

Our programs serve a community of youth and young adults, ages 15-35.

We support youth who are already established as leaders in their community and who are looking for ways to strengthen their skills, expand their understanding, deepen the impact of social initiatives to contribute to the development of disadvantaged people.

We also serve youth who are at an earlier stage in their initiatives to enable them to better understand how to use their potential to contribute to their personal development.

As an organization we offer a variety of programs to achieve our objectives.

Typically we created three programs that our coordinating comittee/staff deliver in form of interactive and experiential workshop:

yEssentials; it engages young people to focus on essentials skills to be competitive on the employment market and initiate life changing initiatives to create jobs.

y Explore ; it engages young people to explore opportunities around them and their potentials as well as acting together for compassion and social justice

y Connect; it engages young people acting together sharpening their mind to become successful in life then connect to high achiever as success mentors.

In the year 2012 , we managed to train 120 people through yESSENTIALS , it was a very challenging year as we were piloting our program.

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