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Experiential Focus to Success

Success is like something you planned to achieve, appreciated by others because of its positive impact and finally brings to you a better way of living
Look deep inside yourself and think of how better person you have been in ten last years.
Remember that: -to be a success, you must choose to be strong and confident,
-no body is perfect, just aim for accomplishment rather than perfection,
Where have you been living? Does your way of living felt comfortable? Exciting?
Did you find valuable any step to improve it?
How have you been living?
What have you been doing? Were you really pleased?
How have you been spending your time? Did you have fun? Did you use it wisely?
Have you dedicate a given time serving the people?
what are your accomplishments?
Congratulate yourself for achieving your goals.
Keeping track of your progress remember that :
It is enough that you have done your best
You deserve to be happy and successful
You have the power to change yourself
You deserve to be loved

To make a difference the following are essentials to improve on what you achieved
1.Your Choice, Your Life

Hardwork, Hardwork ,Hardwork
— -Goal checklist:
a.the goal must be yours
b. the goal must be SMARTER
c.the goal must be flexible
d. the goal must be challenging and exciting
e. the goal must be aligned with your values
f. the goal must be well balanced(Goal---Activity—Reward)
g. the goal must include your contribution (Time , Expertise, Finances)
h. the goal must be supported —create networks , attract big dreamers to support you

Setting goals tips
a.What do I want to do?
b.What do I want to have?
c.Where do I want to go?
d.What contribution do I want to meke?
e. What do I want to become?
f. What do I want to learn?
g. Who do I want to spend time with?
h. How much do I want to earn each month?
i. How much do I want to save each month?
j. How much do I want to invest each month?
k. How much time do I want off for fun?
l. What will I do to create optimum health?

3.Positive influence

my passion drives my success
creating tools or ways that enable others to start easily a livelihood project for a better way of living
progress for everyone: ex: I remember at secondary school i used to have that in my mind saying for example once i would finish to review a course—i would do my best to help others understand,so i would teach them
4.Keep time
5.Parsue to serve people with excellence or just to express your passion
6.Aim for good to great achievements
- employability of your dependable strengths
- Congratulations
7.Humility---when many people appreciate you it is not easy for you to become humble but try

If there are two ways to success, the first one is instant and the second one takes a long time, which one would you choose?
I believe you should choose the second way. It’s a slow way, but it’s the best way to grow. Here are two reasons why:
1. It prepares you for the responsibility
Being successful is nice, but it comes with a big responsibility. If you don’t have what it takes, you might seem successful on the outside, but you might not be ready on the inside.
Success could easily ruin your life if you are not ready for it. There are many people who are successful in one area of their lives, but messed up in the other areas. Perhaps they have family problems. Or they become arrogant. Or they feel empty inside.
Real success means being successful in all areas of your life, not just in one or two. There has to be a balance between all of them.
Growing slowly is good because it prepares you for the big responsibility that comes with success.
2. It prepares you for moments of crisis
Those who want a quick success often do more than what they can afford.
They take excessive risks that will eventually hurt themselves and others. These people might seem successful in the beginning, but when the storm comes they won’t be able to withstand it.
What makes the difference here? Those who grow slowly take the time to build their foundation.
They don’t hurry to build a big house. They are patient and use the time to build a strong foundation first. That’s why they can withstand the storm better than those who just want to quickly build the house.

So it’s up to you. What kind of success do you want? Do you want a quick success or a lasting success?
1.on your strengths
2.on your purpose
3.Decisive actions
4.to be Consistent ,
5.to be Persistent
6.Excellent service
7.Create optimum Balance
8.Learn to ask for help
9.Work on your habits
10.Hard Work

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